The ‘Society for Promotion of Horticulture’ is seeking nominations for the award and “Fellowship” for the year 2019 in various categories.

The hard copy of the nominations should be submitted in the prescribed proforma to the Secretary, SPH, ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru-560089 on or before 15th, December 2018 for the consideration for the committee. The selected candidature will be conferred with the award on 21st, January 2019.

  1. Dr. G. S. Randhawa Award for Best Thesis
  2. SPH Fellowship award



  1. 1.                  Name of the Award

Dr. G. S. Randhawa Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Research in Horticulture

  1. 2.                  Sponsor

Society for the Promotion of Horticulture, ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru


3.         Objectives of the Award

-          To provide recognition to outstanding original research done by doctoral degree students

-          To provide incentive for enhancing the quality of doctoral thesis research

-          To promote high quality doctoral thesis research in emerging priority areas


4.         Nature of the Award

            This award is meant exclusively for doctoral thesis related to Horticulture from any Indian University (under NARS).  Each individual award consists of Rs.5000 in cash, plaque and citation and Gold  medal.


  1. 5.                  Eligibility
  • Any Indian citizen who has completed his/her Ph.D. degree in Horticulture.
  • The Certificate of the degree/provisional degree must have been obtained during the year preceding the year (Jan, 2017- June, 2018) of the award.A thesis will be considered only once.
  • The research work must be original and must have a direct bearing on some relevant aspects of the horticultural production/management systems.
  • The results obtained must have the potential of enhancing the production/ productivity/sustainability of the relevant horticultural production/management system or substantially advance our knowledge.
  • Must have published/accepted at least one  research paper in a journal having NAAS rating of 5.0 and above


  1. 6.                  Administration of the Award

There shall be a Jury Committee consisting of 5 members and the Chairperson appointed by the President, SPH. Wherever deemed necessary the Jury Committee may identify a panel of experts to assist it in the evaluation of the applications.  Taking into consideration the evaluation by the experts the Jury Committee shall evaluate the theses and make recommendations to the Society.


  1. 7.                  Evaluation Criteria
  • Conceptual clarity and coherence of the research problem
  • Scientific, technological and socio-economic relevance and priority of the research problem
  • Compilation, analysis and interpretation of existing literature, quality of illustrations and photographs
  • Organization of research work.  Complementarity of the various experiments and investigations and their integration into a logical plan of work
  • Conduct of the research programmes: Scientific soundness and technological modernity of the experimental methods and logical planning
  • Scientific validity and accuracy of the analysis of experimental data
  • Principal findings: To what extent do they meet the objectives of the research programme
  • In what way the findings constitute a significant advance in our knowledge and understanding or help improve productivity and sustainability
  • Research papers published and their quality as judged by the NAAS rating
  • Patents copyrights applied and accepted


  1. 8.                 Procedure
  2. 9.                  The following procedures shall be followed:
  3. 10.              1. Applications may be obtained from the SPH website during September of every year.
    1. 2.      Application along with 20 pages synopsis (point no. v to x of application form) may be sent to the Secretary, Society for Promotion of Horticulture, ICAR-IIHR, Hesaraghatta, Bengaluru-560089.
    2. 3.      Soft copy of the same may be sent to



            The presentation of award will be made on the subsequent Foundation day of the society which will be held on Jan. 21st of every year or intimated from time to time. The awardee would give a presentation on achievements of his work to the audience consisting of eminent horticultural scientists.





Application Form for Dr. G. S. Randhawa Award -2019


  1. Name of the Award
  2. Year of thesis submitted 
  3. Name of the student in full (underline surname)
  4. Date and place of birth
  5. Present citizenship
  6. Present postal address
  7. Telephone, email, fax etc.
  8. Educational qualifications beginning with the first-degree or equivalent

       (in a tabular form)






















  1. Date on which Qualifying Examination passed
  2. Transcript of the course work done, if any, as part of the doctoral degree programme. (enclose photocopy)
  3. Was the thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the Degree? Yes/No
  4. Date on which successfully completed thesis viva voce examination.
  5. Details of the thesis research submitted for the award

(i)                 Title of the thesis

(ii)               Department/Division/Institution where research work was done

(iii)             Institution/University to which thesis was submitted as a part of the doctoral degree programme.

(iv)             Name and Designation of the thesis supervisor

(v)               Research problem:  Brief description, scientific, technological, socio-economic relevance and priority (limit to 2 pages)

(vi)             What standard methods and modern procedures were used in the experimental work? (limit to one page)

(vii)           Were any special tools/procedures specially developed for the thesis research.   Yes/No  if yes give information  (limit to one page)

(viii)         Briefly describe the significant results and discussions? (not more than 5 pages)

(ix)             In what way these results have made an original contribution to science and have impact (1 page)

(x)               In what way these results will be helpful to the famers/ industries? (1 page)

(xi)             List the publications (published/accepted) that have arisen from this research work giving the NAAS rating?(Please do not include the publication that have been submitted or symposia papers)

(xii)           Soft copy in PDF format and a hard copy need to be submitted otherwise application will not be considered.


  1. Whether any patents have been taken/applied for
  2. A concise statement (about 150 words) highlighting the most significant aspects of the research work done that you would like to see in your citation of award, if chosen.


  1. Certificate by the student




  1. Certificate by the supervisor that the information submitted has been verified and true



Signature with seal





  1. Annexure






I. General Guidelines

A. Basic Criteria

The main objective of the Academy is to recognize and support excellence in Horticultural science research, technologies and innovations. The outstanding achievements and significant contributions to horticultural sciences are the determining criteria for electing Fellows of Society for Promotion of Horticulture. Applicant should be at a minimum of 10 years of life membership of the Society for Promotion of Horticulture.

B. Number of Fellowships

There will be 3 fellowships awarded biennial (once in every 2 years) comprising the areas offruit science, Vegetable science and ornamental and medicinal, plantation and spices crops.

C. Procedure for Screening

  1. The Executive Council shall appoint a Selection Committee for screening the applications and selecting the candidates. The Committee shall constitute members representing different subject matter areas of Horticulture. The committee will call for applications for the fellowships under the 3 categories mentioned above as per the score card at least 2 months before the AGM of the Society.
  2. Candidates shall be ranked, specifically highlighting their total contribution in their discipline. Special features, such as number and quality of publications, products/ varieties released / patents obtained and position in professional societies, chairing scientific meetings, Honours/Awards will be given due consideration. Contribution and leadership as Science Manager shall also be given due weightage. Three names shall be recommended under each category to the Executive Council for final approval.

As a convention, if a close relative, such as father, mother, wife, husband, son, daughter, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, brother and sister of a member of a Sectional Committee is being considered for Fellowship, the concerned member will withdraw from the Sectional Committee.


Level 3: Executive Council Level Screening

The Executive Council shall meet under the Chairmanship of the President of the Society to review the recommendations of the Selection Committee. The Council shall scrutinize this list and remove any disparities in the recommendations after seeking clarification from the Sectional Committee. The Council will have the final say in selecting the candidates unanimously from the list submitted by the Selection committee.

Executive Council can recommend, disqualify, or reconsider a Fellow on valid grounds.


Score card for evaluating nominations


Sl no.



Max. Score

Self-assessed score

Score given by the experts


Publications (Refereed journals)

20 best papers published in refereed journals. Allocation of score according to NAAS Journal ID on a scale of 1 to 20. The total score obtained will be multiplied by 0.125 to obtain the actual marks (Full NAAS rating for first & corresponding authors and 0.75 for other authors)





Other publications

1) Maximum of 5 marks for books/ proceedings/ book chapters

a) 3.0 marks for each book authored

b) One mark for each book edited

c) 0.5 marks for publication of proceedings of National/ International/ Conference/ Symposium

d) 0.5 marks for each chapter in books.


2) Maximum 5 marks for publications in NAAS rated /International Impact Factor journals (other than the above 20 best publications)

(0.25 marks for each publication upto 20)









The following groupings of concepts/ processes/ products/

technologies/ patents/ others)

Group I: Concepts and/or processes Concept: Such as propounding a new theory or

describing pathways and mechanisms of a process.

Process/methods: Such as development and description of steps/ components of a process that explain the total mechanism of operation. (1 mark for each process/concept) (Max 3 marks).


Group II: Product and/or technologies /patent

Product: Development of new products (e.g. variety, product etc identified by VTIC of the Institutes).

Technologies: Research findings that become

sustainable practices among the stake holders.

Patents: granted with details of patent no. etc. (2 marks for each. Max 7 marks)





Teaching/ Research/




a)       Courses associated (Maximum 5 marks

b)       Students guided (Maximum 5 marks)

       M.Sc./M.Phil: 1 mark

       Ph.D.: 2 marks


Association in Institute Project

PI- 1.0 Marks

COPI-0.5 Marks


Training Conducted (more than 5 days)-1.0 mark/training

National/regional Farmer fair -1.0 mark/programme






Two marks each for international fellowship/award

ii. 2 Marks each for national awards: ICAR/CSIR/DST/

DBT/ DOE/ UGC/ Society/Thesis, etc.

iii. One mark for postdoctoral fellowship of each six

months duration







Five marks each for Fellowship of national academies


ii. Two marks each for Associates of NAAS/DBT/etc.

iii. One marks each for Fellowship of societies (ISPP,


iv. One marks each for best paper/poster (only first prize)

v. One marks each for International seminar attended


vi. 0.5 marks each for Reviewer for peer-reviewed

journals with NAAS rating > 5.0 (Maximum 2 marks)






Scientific Leadership

1. One marks each for Chair/ co-chair /convener / member of international /national committee/ taskforce /

technical session.


2.One mark each president/office bearer of national (other than SPH)/ international professional societies.


3. One mark each leadership position in research programme of research organization.





Contribution to society (SPH)

Two mark for each completed year as office

Bearer of SPH/member executive committee of SPH/ organizing secretary of national/ zonal seminar conducting by SPH






Externally funded projects

a) 3 and 1.5 marks for PI and Co-PI, respectively, of the project with cost more than Rs. 50 lakhs.

b) Two and one marks for PI and Co-PI, respectively, of the projects costing Rs.10 lakhs to 50





Research experience in remote areas


Research experience of working minimum two years in remote areas (as defined by ICAR) (1 mark for each two years experience)






Life member of society

One mark for each additional years as Life member







  1. Name in full (in capitals):
  2. Date of birth and nationality :
  3. Field of specialization:
  4. Year of Life membership of SPH along with receipt No.
  5. Present Position/ Designation:
  6. Address (a) Official                      :___________________________________

   (b) Residential address: ____________________________________

E-mail :                                           ______________________________________

            Mobile No.  _________________________Telephone no. _____________________

  1. Academic Qualification:






















  1. Employment  records:


Positions held                                    


Organization/ Institution            



















  1. Significant achievements


  1. 10.  Kindly fill the following (refer score card)


        i.            Publications (Refereed journals)

      ii.            Other publications

    iii.            Concept/technology/patents/variety

    iv.            Teaching

      v.            Awards

    vi.            Recognitions/Honours

  vii.            Scientific Leadership



  1. Contribution to society (SPH)

    ix.            Externally funded projects

      x.            Research experience in remote areas

    xi.            Life member of the society





I certify that the information given above is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.




Date:                                                                                       Signature of the Nominee