Assessment of chilli varieties in Salem district for higher productivity

P.S. Kavitha, A. Sudha, S. Srividya


Chilli is an important spice which is grown throughout India. Chillies are integral and the most important ingredient in many different cuisines around the world as it adds pungency, taste, flavour and color to the dishes. Chilli is grown in Kolathur block of Salem district in an area of nearly 879 ha. The farmers are mainly growing the local varieties and private hybrids in kolathur block. During the farmers and scientist conference conducted at KVK, Sandhiyur (2013), the growers opted for new varieties (high yield, lengthy fruit, good pungency, and colour retention during storage). An onfarm trial was conducted in pannavadi village of kolathur block. In this study three varieties (Lalima, LCA 625 and Kovilpatti 2) were assessed for yield, pest disease tolerance and quality parameters. LCA 625 gave an average yield of 6.2-6.8 t / ha, fruit length of 9-11 cm, good pungency and good colour retention during storage compared to other two varieties. The colour of dry chilli during storage was orange compared to Lalima with bright attractive red colour. Hence in the market Lalima fetched more price than the other two varieties. Hence, it is suggested for the Researchers that LCA 625 may be refined for marketable colour.


on farm trial, pungency, LCA 625, shrinkage, marketable colour

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