Evaluation of ornamental sunflower for value addition

Kirtimala B. Naik, S.K. Nataraj, D. P. Kumar, Y. G. Shadakshari, G.K. Seetharamu, R. Veugopalan, K.V. Jayaprasad


An experiment was conducted at College of Horticulture, GKVK, campus, Bengaluru, UHS, Bagalkot during 2012-13 to study the suitability of ornamental sunflower for dry flower production. Highest flower weight loss was with corn meal and silica gel (90.75 and 88.45 per cent). Silica gel followed by borax powder took least number of days for drying of flower heads (9.40 and 12.60 days respectively). Colour retention in dried ornamental sunflower was highest with control treatment and silica gel with a score of 4.63 and 4.44. Flower appearance was best with silica gel (4.44) which was at par with control with a score of 3.81. Best texture score of (4.31) was highest with silica gel followed by control (shade), corn meal and alum powder which recorded 3.63, 3.31 and 3.25 respectively. Best flower shape after drying period as with silica gel (4.38).The results reveal silica gel and corn meal as best drying agents in ornamental sunflower.


Drying, dessicants, embedding, sensory, appearance

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