Effect of pre harvest foliar spray of growth regulators on pre and post harvest parameters in ornamental sunflower genotype M-17R

Kirtimala B. Naik, S. K. Nataraj, Y. G. Shadakshari, D. P. Kumar, G. K. Seetharamu, K. V. Jayaprasad


An experiment was conducted to study the effect of pre harvest foliar application of growth regulators on the pre and post harvest flower quality in ornamental sunflower during the year 2012-13, at College of Horticulture, GKVK campus, UHS, Bagalkot. At 60 DAS highest plant height was with GA3 @ 150 ppm (154.73 cm) followed by GA3 @ 200 ppm (146.20 cm) and GA3 @ 250 ppm (145.53 cm). Sodium silicate @ 250 ppm (4508.77 cm2) registered maximum plant spread at 60 DAS. Foliar application of GA3 @ 150 ppm (25.00) produced highest number of leaves which was at par with Sodium silicate @ 250 ppm, GA3 @ 200 ppm and GA3 @ 250 ppm recording 24.87, 24.80 and 24.67 leaves respectively. Calcium sulphate @ 200 ppm registered highest leaf area of (4930.30 cm2) which was at par with Sodium silicate @ 250 ppm, Calcium sulphate @ 300 ppm, Chlormequat chloride @ 500 ppm, Sodium silicate @ 350 ppm, and Chlormequat chloride @ 1000 ppm with 4792.64, 4735.04, 4721.75, 4503.05 and 4430.02 cm2 respectively.


Ornamental sunflower, growth regulators, quality parameters, vase life

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