Effect of in situ Rainwater Harvesting and Mulching on Growth, Yield and Fruit Quality in Mango Var. Arka Neelachal Kesri in Eastern India

Deepa Samant, S. Mandal, H. S. Singh, Vishal Nath, Reju M. Kurian


A field study was conducted at Central Horticultural Experiment Station (ICAR-IIHR), Bhubaneswar, India, during 2007-2013 in a new mango orchard of the variety 'Arka Neelachal Kesri' at 5m x 5m spacing, to conserve rain-water and to enhance soil moisture availability during dry periods for augmenting plant growth and fruit production. Among the four in situ rain-water harvesting techniques (cup-and-plate, half-moon, full-moon, and trench) evaluated in combination with three types of mulch (no mulch, inorganic mulch, and organic mulch), the cup-and-plate system resulted in maximum annual increment in vegetative growth and fruit yield (4.67kg/plant), while, organic (paddy straw) and inorganic (black polythene, 100μ thickness) mulches improved vegetative growth, fruit yield and TSS in fruit significantly over no mulch.


Mango (Mangifera indica L.), Arka Neelachal Kesri, in situ Rain-Water Harvesting, Mulching.

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