Evaluation of F1 Hybrids and their Parents for Growth, Yield and Quality in Cherry Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum Var. cerasiforme)

Renuka Muttappanavar, A. T. Sadashiva, T. H. Singh, K. M. Indiresh


The present study was carried out to estimate the performance of F1 hybrids and their parents for various yield and yield-attributing traits in cherry tomato, at Division of Vegetable Crops, Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR), Bengaluru, during the year 2010-11. Among the seven parents used, three parents, namely, IIHR-2866 (yielding 3.03kg/plant), IIHR-2864 (2.87kg/plant) and IIHR-2865 (2.73kg/plant) were found to be high-yielding. Among the 21 F1 hybrids evaluated, three hybrids, namely, IIHR-2754 x IIHR-2860 (4.27kg/plant), followed by IIHR- 2754 x IIHR-2865 (3.97kg/plant) and IIHR-2864 x IIHR-2865 (3.40kg/plant) recorded higher yield than the Check varieties, whereas, three hybrids, viz, IIHR-2754 x IIHR-2865 (54.38t/ha), succeeded by IIHR-2863 x IIHR-2866 (46.46t/ha) and IIHR-2858 x IIHR-2866 (44.79t/ha), recorded higher estimated yield per hectare than the Check varieties. Hybrid IIHR-2754 x IIHR-2860 was found promising for most of the traits studied. The best performing parents can be used for breeding further while, the hybrids can be exploited commercially.


Cherry Tomato, High Yield, Hybrids, Parents, Breeding.

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