Effect of Polyamines on Storability and Quality of Pomegranate Fruit (Punica granatum L.) Cv. Bhagwa

D. P. Waskar, V. S. Khandare, B. M. Kalalbandi, P. S. Shelke


Pomegranate cv. Bhagawa fruits harvested at adequate stage of maturity were dipped in aqueous solutions containing various concentrations of the polyamines putrescine (1mM, 2mM and 3mM) and spermidine (0.5mM, 1mM and 1.5mM), along with Tween-20 as a surfactant, for 5 minutes. The fruits were then stored at 5°C and 8°C temperature with under 90-95% relative humidity. Polyamine-treated fruits showed reduced chilling-injury, weight loss and respiration rate during storage at these 5°C and 8°C temperatures. An increasing trend in total soluble solids (TSS) content, and a decreasing trend in acidity were found in polyamine-treated fruits during storage at 5°C and 8°C temperature. Maximum reduction in chilling-injury was obtained with putrescine (2mM) at both the storage temperatures. Control fruits stored at 5°C and 8°C temperature rapidly developed chilling-injury developed symptoms of brown discoloration of skin and weight-loss in pomegranate fruits.


Pomegranate, Polyamines, Shelf-Life, Storability, Chilling Injury.

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