Effect of Potting Media on Growth and Quality in Aglaonema

S. Swetha, T. Padmalatha, K. Dhanumjaya Rao, A. Siva Shankar


Effect of potting media on growth and quality of ornamental foliage plant, aglaonema cv. Ernesto's Favourite, was evaluated. Soil, cocopeat and sphagnum peat, in combination with sand, FYM and vermicompost in various proportions, were used as potting media. Maximum plant height (71.36cm), number of leaves (16.00), leaf length (60.39cm), leaf width (10.13cm), leaf area (208.36cm2), plant growth index (63.37cm), fresh weight of root (45.00g), dry weight of root (8.53g), visual plant grade (4.50), colour grade (4.58), root grade (4.45), and, N (3.46 %), P (0.95 %) and K content in leaf (1.91%) were recorded with the medium containing cocopeat + sand + vermicompost in 2:1:1, (v/v) combination at 150 DAP. Medium containing cocopeat + sand + FYM + vermicompost in 2:1:1:0.5 ratio, (v/v) was found to be on par with cocopeat + sand + vermicompost in 2:1:1, (v/v) combination with respect to leaf width, dry weight of root, visual plant grade, colour grade, root grade and K content.


Aglaonema, Sphagnum Peat, Cocopeat, Vermicompost, Plant Grade, Color Grade, Root Grade, NPK Content.

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