Storage behavior of potato cultivars under ambient conditions in the Nilgiris

R. Sudha, E.P. Venkatasalam, K. Divya, Aarti Bairwa, Priyank H. Mhatre


Storage behavior of different potato cultivars viz., Kufri Swarna, Kufri Girdhari, Kufri Jyoti, Kufri Neelima and Kufri Himalini was assessed for post harvest loss under ambient storage conditions of Nilgiri region. The study was carried out in three different seasons (Spring, Summer and Autumn) during 2013-2015. All the cultivars showed dormancy period of more than six weeks in all the three seasons. Cultivars varied widely in their weight loss, sprouting behavior and cooking quality. Among the varieties Kufri Girdhari found to possess good storage qualities while Kufri Swarna showed poor keeping quality in all the three seasons. All the cultivars recorded less total weight loss during autumn season. The study indicated that importance should be given to the storage behavior of the cultivars along with yield in order to have better keeping quality for regular supply of tubers for table as well as seed purpose.


Potato cultivars, storage behavior, dormancy, total weight loss and keeping quality.


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