Assessing Efficiency of White Seedless Grape Vineyards for Table Grape Production

S. D. Shikhamany, Swapnil V. Borade, Sanjay K. Jeughale, Suryakant Y. Patil


Efficiency of two table grape vineyards each of Thompson Seedless and Tas-A-Ganesh located around Nashik, Maharashtra, were assessed over two cropping seasons based on a score-card developed assigning weights and matrices for various attributes of yield and quality, in accordance with their relative contribution going by established facts on a 100 point scale. The objectives of the study were to draw up a benchmark to evaluate the efficiency of table grape vineyards, analyze the reason for low efficiency, and suggest remedial measures. In addition to the yield, bunch and berry characters are important in table grape production. Skilful management of attributes for yield and quality using available technologies determines efficiency of a vineyard. In general, the efficiency of vineyards was better during the 2014-15 cropping season compared to 2013-14, and that of 'Thompson Seedless' vineyards was higher than Tas-AGanesh. In 'Thompson Seedless', efficiency of Vineyard-1 was better than Vineyard-2 as also in Tas-A-Ganesh. Based on their total score, individual vineyards were ranked as Excellent/Very good/Good/Average/ Below average, year wise. Lacunae in management leading to poor scores were identified to serve as a guide to improvement.


Vineyard Efficiency, White Table Grape, Score Card, Evaluation, Analysis.

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